school workshops

Davies White run workshops with schools and these are part of the process of designing a new place. The views of the end users, in this case local children, has an important influence on the final look & feel of the place, and helps those children to feel it belongs to them and they have a stake in looking after it.

Our workshops are structured to include the following activities:

  • Using imaginative ways of getting children to think about places & how they work. This may be through discussions in the classroom with images and examples of our work, or outdoors, perhaps visiting the site and using mirrors and magnifying glasses to see things in a different way.
  • Getting children to imagine a place that doesn’t exist yet and thinking and discussing how it might look and feel.
  • Working with various modelling materials to create a model of the place they have imagined.
  • Thinking about scale, size, materials and the practicalities of the construction process.

The workshops can be tailored to suit different ages, and the content agreed in advance with the school. Davies White have also taken children on visits to tree nurseries to choose trees for the new playspaces, and to aggregate quarries to see where stone boulders are sourced.