planting design

The natural landscape is an endless source of inspiration for our new planting schemes. For example natural woodland, is formed of many layers, large shade trees, under-storey trees, shrubs, grasses and the more ephemeral herbaceous ground cover plants and bulbs. When designing a new planting scheme we start with trees, either those that already exist on site, or the introduction of new trees to form structure within the space, trees also create enclosure, focus views, form backdrops and can screen or frame existing buildings.

Shrubs are the next layer and bring an even greater variety of colour, texture, form and scent, & they are particularly important in the winter. Herbaceous plants are the ever changing ground cover layer, and often provide the most flowers and bursts of colour. Finally bulbs bring seasonal emphasis, from the first snowdrops, the spring tulips, summer lilies & the autumn Colchicum.

Planting design is often compared to painting, the artists eye is needed to compose the picture, the designers skill is needed to make sure that picture goes on evolving and delighting future generations.

Our playful planting schemes are where we plant with children in mind, using plants for den building, craft work and incredible edibles, this approach formed part of our RHS Gold Medal award winning garden, and we now include playful planting in all our playful landscape projects.

Our experience of planting for the long term means we specify appropriately which can help to reduce long term maintenance costs. On completion of a scheme we provide a maintenance workbook, illustrating the planting mixes and advising on care over the coming months and years.