community engagement

Davies White engagement programmes are tailored to fit the requirements of the brief and are designed to ensure the wide range of project stakeholders have an easily accessible forum for their views to be heard. We also run stand alone workshops and events.

For example with our Parklands Playscape project, we arranged three events which were held on the project site, one at the start of the design work to help inform the brief, a feedback event to discuss the proposals and an exhibition of the final works for construction.

‘Seeing is believing’ visits were held during the build works, where stakeholders visited the site during the construction phase. These tours are particularly useful when we are building play spaces for children, helping them to understand what happens during the building process and also getting involved by maybe paying a visit to the local tree nursery to choose trees for the new play space.

We also run projects to engage with harder to reach groups, from working with disability groups & youth organisations to coffee mornings for the elderly. In these instances we often take drawings & information to those people who are unable or don’t wish to visit site events.